Hendrick integrates the value chain with two well-known and strong customer facing brands, Credion and Fundion

Logo Credion
Credion provides SMEs advise on finding the best financing solution with data-driven online and offline support.

This leads to:

  • Overview and grip
  • Quick access to the best financing solution
  • The best deal in terms of pricing and other conditions
  • Monitoring and benchmarking tools to improve financial results
  • Pro-active advice on future financing goals

Credion is the Dutch market-leading
omnichannel SME Finance advisor:
with 20 years of experience in building customer intimacy; with a total loan volume facilitated for SME entrepreneurs of € 1,5 billion in 2021; with a network in 52 branches, with 92 independent advisors, nationwide; successful in almost 7,500 advisory projects with a market share of 15%; and having access to over 120 financiers!

Logo Fundion
Fundion offers financiers a full suite of services to optimize their lending process from front-to-back-end.

This leads to:

  • Low cost of servicing
  • Predictable defaults based on data captured through the value chain
  • Yield optimization as a result of risk based pricing and strong market knowledge
  • Potential access to securization market
  • Pro-active advice on optimization of product specs and product development

Fundion is a tech-enabled servicer,
servicing lending products for financiers.
It has the team and technology in place to service
lending products for financiers
and distribution to the SME market.
Its loan desk has serviced over € 100 million of loan applications in 2020.
Fundion is located in Amsterdam area with a dedicated team of 10 FTE.

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Traditional Banks versus Alternative Lenders

SMEs form the backbone of the EU economy: it covers 99% of the total EU business. But SMEs struggle to obtain advice and financing, while financing is vital for its business operations.

Traditional banks

Traditional banks are withdrawing, and non-bank alternative financing is growing. The number of financings to SMEs of less than € 1 mln by banks is going down. Traditional banks struggle to meet SME demands: the margins are thin, which leads to pressure standardization and automation. And this abandons the customer intimacy.

Alternative lenders

At the same time, the number of of financings provided by non-banks are increasing by over 40%. Alternative lenders and digital platforms add massive complexity fopr SMEs by missing overview and guidance.

Both financiers, alternative lenders and platforms miss distribution with direct access to SMEs through trusted advisory.

Hendrick bridges the gap between SME and Financier

The SME market needs a party that can bridge the gap between SME and Financiers. Hendrick combines customer intimacy through the financial advisor empowered by a cutting-edge data-driven tech-platform with an omnichannel proposition, that offers the opportunity to create a new market category: the SME Lending Orchestrator. It simply doesn’t exist.

This is how it works:

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